You have at-need cases. Everdays converts them into preneed sales.
With Everdays, leverage your at-need cases and eliminate any expensive marketing costs.

With the Everdays mobile preneed marketing and sales platform, your at-need communities can now choose a completely digital experience with your funeral home, from creating a plan to funding the funeral – it’s all in the app.

Let’s show you how we handle every component of the preneed purchase, from planning to funding to documentation.

We build the community

Every at-need case on Everdays generates a community of 200+ family, relatives, and friends.

We nurture the community into opportunities

Planning guides, resources, and tools are seamlessly blended into the CommunityCare® Support journey – all from your home.

We convert these opportunities into sales

Everdays then closes the loop by funneling these rich prospects directly to the Everdays app, where they can select and purchase funeral service packages at their convenience – anytime, anywhere.

Funding directly in the app

Sales will be closed directly in the app. Homesteaders Life Company is Everdays’ choice for funding funerals in the app.

Everdays is a licensed agent in all 50 states.

We complement your existing preneed programs

Your home can implement Everdays and still keep your existing preneed programs and providers. The Everdays mobile preneed sales solution operates completely independently and creates an entirely new sales pipeline with virtually no additional effort or cost.

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